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Members of the Association bind themselves by contributing capital funds and by lending such funds among themselves (pa. A, Sec 2, RA 8367, Revised NSSLA, 1997). Hence, to be a member one has to invest a capital amount required by the Association. The investment earns dividends semi-annually. Once a member, the savings, loan, and welfare products; including special services may be availed of provided each entry requirement is satisfied.

Type of Membership

1. Regular Membership
Military, civilian and retired personnel of the Philippine Air Force that belonged to the following units:

  • a. 355th AEW
  • b. 419th MVS0
  • c. 420th SW
  • d. 410th MW
These personnel are the original founding members of the Association. Employees of the Association that are expressly mandated under board resolution may also be included as regular members. A regular member has the right to vote and be voted upon as a member of the Board of Trustees.

2. Honorary Membership
The following are eligible for honorary membership upon application:
  • a. Military, civilian and retired personnel of the AFP, PNP, BJMP, BFP and other agencies with existing memorandum of agreement
  • b. Dependents of regular members up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity to a regular or honorary member and employees of the Association
  • c. Regular employees of the association (as of the date of approval of the amended bylaws)

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