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Capital Contribution

  • Minimum Deposit
    • Non-borrowing members: P3,500.00
    • Borrowing members: P3,500.00 or 1% of total aggregate loan balance
  • Dividend Distribution
    • Earned dividends are distributed semi-annually every February and August.
  • Evidenced by a passbook
  • Dividend earnings every semester are computed based on the capital contribution lowest monthly balance and depends on the income earned by the Association

Savings Deposit

  • Evidenced by a passbook
  • Minimum deposit and maintaining balance of P100.00
  • Earns interest of 1% per annum based on lowest monthly balance of the account
  • Interest earned is credited quarterly
  • Withdrawable anytime

Time Deposit / Special Savings Deposit

  • Evidenced by a certificate of Special Savings Deposit
  • Minimum deposit of P1, 000.00
  • Minimum term of 180 days, maximum 360 days
  • Interest rate varies depending on the term and amount of deposit

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