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Message from Chairman and President

This year marks the 60th Founding Anniversary of the Air Materiel Wing Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (AMWSLAI).

Since the Association opened on 13 June 1956, many events have shaped its path towards this very memorable and meaningful milestone that we celebrate with the theme “60-year Strong.” AMWSLAI started as a lowly “paluwagan” with a seed money of P5 thousand put up by a handful of visionary officers, enlisted personnel and civilian employees of the 410th Materiel Wing of the Philippine Air Force who decided to unite and collectively champion their financial needs and economic well-being. It was a pioneering effort to respond and overcome the financial hardships that beset them, instead of demanding assistance from the government on the basis that they were being denied access to banks and other financial institutions, or succumbing to loan sharks who took advantage of the situation.

Now, six decades later, AMWSLAI has become a quintessential institution of stability and progress. One that truly embodies “sariling sikap” and “bayanihan” in their purest form and one of the pillars of the Non-stock Savings and Loan Association (NSSLA) industry in the country.

Our journey is full of pioneering innovations to address the needs of our members. We have consistently kept and did not falter with our mandate to all our stakeholders including the NSSLA industry and the Philippine economy - the most significant of which is the passage of Republic Act No. 8367 or the Act Providing for the Regulation of the Organization and Operation of Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations in 1997 which paved the way for the tremendous growth and established the viability and stability of the NSSLA industry and transforming it as one of the major forces of the financial sector.

With our fervent desire to deliver fast, reliable and convenient financial assistance to our members, we expanded our network with twenty-one (21) branches, fifteen (15) liaison offices and thirty-six (36) service desks located in strategic locations near camps and field offices across the country. We have also engaged the services of Service Manager Representatives to augment the capability of our branch and extension office personnel to reach out and serve our members in far-flung areas saving them time and sparing them from security threats should they travel from their points of assignment to our offices to avail of our products and services. In addition, to bolster accountability and accuracy, all of our branches and offices are operating online using a state-of-the-art technology. Product excellence and responsiveness have always been vital components of our operations and have always given us the competitive advantage. Our pioneering products include Millionaire’s Club, Bawat Miyembro Protektado, Mutual Benefit Fund, txtAMWSLAI, AMWSLAI Service Hotlines, Bawat Miyembro Milyonaryo and the more recent launches were that of the AMWSLAI’s Econoloan and AMWSLAI Calamity Loan in October 2013 and November 2013, respectively. Upon its launch, AMWSLAI’s Econoloan bear the lowest interest rate in the market that pressured all other SLAs to follow suit. It is a game-changer that ultimately redounded to members of the police and military SLAIs. On the other hand, AMWSLAI Calamity Loan provided assistance to members affected by Typhoon Yolanda at affordable rates and easy availment terms.

Those significant initiatives became the impetus for AMWSLAI’s remarkable growth with its Total Resources increasing to its present level of P25 Billion with the Association posting its all-time high Net Income of P2.627 Billion in 2011.

For those accomplishments, AMWSLAI garnered numerous financial and operational excellence awards from reputable and well-respected award-giving bodies. In 2003, the Confederation of Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations (CONSLA) lauded AMWSLAI as the most reliable and outstanding institution in the NSSLA industry and awarded the Association as the “SLAI of the Year” and 1st Place in the Asset Utilization Efficiency and Net Profit to Average Net Worth categories also in the same year. The 5th Shoppers’ Choice Awards, in recognition of AMWSLAI’S fifty (50) years of financial growth and unabated successes at introducing innovative services and exceptional product lines, bestowed AMWSLAI with the highly-coveted “No. 1 Financial Institution of the Year” award in 2005.

More than the honors, awards and accolades, AMWSLAI finds a very deep sense of fulfillment on the fact that the true meaning of its success is manifested by the positive impact it has created in the lives of its members: the opportunities supported through our products and services, the aspirations we have transformed into tangible realities, and the optimism we have inspired in our communities. We are proud that we have economically empowered the lives of our members who rightfully deserve to be honored and served as today’s heroes, particularly for their daily subsistence, medical, educational, and housing needs, and also provided capital to setup of micro, small and medium enterprises and community-based livelihood projects or made those existing ones flourish, thereby delivering inclusive growth at the grassroots of the marginalized sectors of the Philippine economy.

But this is only the beginning as our vision is for AMWSLAI to go fast forward into the future, stronger and better equipped with a 60-year worth of knowledge and excellence and with renewed commitment to serve its members. On the micro level, the Association shall pursue continuous innovation of its products and services and to raise the bar of operational and financial efficiencies as ruled by principles of sound risk management and good corporate governance. On the macro level, it shall maintain its stance as the leader in advancing the legislative agenda of the NSSLA industry to amend Republic Act 8367 and to conquer the challenges that seemingly prejudice the stability of the industry. Specifically, we seek the following: first, the establishment of a regulatory framework that is tailor-fitted to the distinct nature and mandate of SLAs as self-help vehicles put up by individuals belonging to a well-defined group in pursuit of their common socio-economic goals and not for profit and keeping it attuned to the present market conditions; and second, passage of enabling provisions in the law so that the far-reaching and meaningful development being experienced by the NSSLA industry could also be granted to the greater majority of the Filipinos, particularly the marginalized sectors like the OFWs, farmers, fishermen, jeepney and tricycle drivers and others.

Our next step in turning these plans into reality is to reaffirm our relationship with you – our members. Your unwavering trust, support and patronage in our ability to service your financial needs is the driving force behind our growth and the reason for our very existence.

I would like to thank these very special people who extended their vibrant minds, selfless hearts and helping hands in building AMWSLAI. This milestone would have not been reached without the untiring support of the DND and of the AFP, PNP, BJMP and BFP commands, our service partners, regulators, management officers and staff. Finally, I wish to pay homage to our visionary founders for creating a very potent self-help vehicle in overcoming poverty and uplifting the lives of the marginalized Filipino.

Maraming salamat po at mabuhay ang AMWSLAI!

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